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Rhein-marathon Düsseldorf and Golazo group start strategic cooperation

07.03.2016 by BERLIN LÄUFT

Rhein-marathon Düsseldorf, the organizer of both the annual METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf and the STADTWERKE DÜSSELDORF Kö-Lauf, has sealed a strategic partnership agreement with Golazo Group. Golazo, a European leader in mass participation events, organizes about 250 sport events per year and has over 800,000 yearly participants in their running events in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany.

The main goal of the partnership is to unlock the huge potential of runners from Europe for the Düsseldorf-based METRO GROUP Marathon and to further enhance the prominence and relevance of the METRO GROUP Marathon and, thus, the attractiveness of the event for the city of Düsseldorf as an internationally leading sports city and travel destination of choice for tourists.

The current management team of Rhein-marathon Düsseldorf led by Jan Winschermann as Managing Director will be complemented by Bob Verbeeck, CEO of the Golazo group and former Belgian top athlete and Olympian (Los Angeles 1984). Jan Winschermann will continue as President of the Club, as Managing Director and Race Director in charge as he has done for the past 14 years.

Jan Winschermann says: “We are very happy to co-operate with a professional partner who has demonstrated that they aim to develop running events with a long-term perspective, even in a challenging environment. As the city of Düsseldorf stands for  highly attractive region, we are optimistic that we can significantly grow the starter field and the number of Düsseldorf visitors in the future.”

Bob Verbeeck states: “We are very much looking forward to join forces with Jan and his team. It will be an exciting challenge for us all to give the running events in Düsseldorf area an extra boost by adding our expertise in attracting more runners and enhance the importance and awareness of the events for the region.” 


Golazo Group is active in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Scandinavia and has one clear ambition: get everyone to participate in sports and keep them in sports. Golazo wants to raise sports participation in Europe to 90% by 2025. This figure will mainly be reached through events, coaching and guidance, digital applications and platforms as well as ambassadors.

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