Functional Areas

Volunteers support the organising team in various functional areas along the course or right next to the start and finish line. Following you get an introduction of the different tasks:

Race marshals

Our courses pass through the streets of Berlin. So roadclosures and routing are essential that competitors can complete their run unchecked. At crossraods police are supported by volunteers to cordon off the streets.

You take care that pedestrians, bicyclists and car driver won't obstruct the competition and at confusing points you give the competitors the right direction. Additionally you give event information to the public.

Food and beverage

There are several refreshment points at the course and behind the finish line. Snacks and drinks are placed for the competitors to get new power. You and your team take care that sufficient refreshments are available for everybody.

Destribution of race documents

One or two days before event competitors pick up their race documents at central places in Berlin. You will organize the bags with all information and hand these over with the last important news to the competitors.

Clothing storage

On eventsday the competitors get the opportunity to store their bags in our tents. Before start they hand in their clothes and you put them decently in our storage. At the end of the event you take care that every competitor gets back the right clothing bag.


Crossing the finish line competitors are done but very happy about their achievement. You are waiting just behind the line to acknowledge their performence and hand over the finisher medal.

Additional supporting the preparations of the medal ceremony is your part, as well.