If you are looking to participate as a group of 7 people or more, you can use our group entry from.

If you bring at least 15 participants we will grant you a discount of 10% on the participant fee.

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Registration fee*


10 km
Half Marathon
& 25 km
until 04.09.2016 13.00 EUR* 20.00 EUR* 50.00 EUR*
until 16.10.2016 15.00 EUR* 25.00 EUR* 60.00 EUR*
until 18.12.2016 18.00 EUR* 30.00 EUR* 65.00 EUR*
until 19.03.2017 21.00 EUR* 35.00 EUR* 70.00 EUR*
until 10.05.2017 25.00 EUR* 40.00 EUR* 75.00 EUR*
Timekeeping (obligatory), ChampionChip rental 6.00 EUR** 6.00 EUR**
6.00 EUR**
(1 Chip per relay)

Kids' Run 2 km

(birth day between 15.05.04 - 14.05.12)
until 04.05.2016


  4.00 EUR

  5.00 EUR

Event-Shirt (multifunction)

20.00 EUR

Medal engraving with name and time

for adults
for children


  8.00 EUR
  4.00 EUR

Money back guarantee

6,00 EUR

*The registration fee is non-refundable.
**The chips are to be returned behind the finish line within 2 hours afters the end of the race. Those choosing to keep their chips will be deemed to have bought them and charged EUR 25.00 by direct debit.


Registration deadline

Deadline for the online registration is 10th May 2017.

Deadline for the registration by entry form is 4th May 2017.

Thereafter registration will still be possible at the race documents collection and on race day up until one hour before the race starts, as long as places are available.

All participants registered until 4th May will receive a personalized BIB with the name and the starting block according to their targeted finish time. Runners registering after that will not receive a personalized BIB and will be allocated automatically to starting block 4.


Timekeeping is obligatory for all distances (except for Kids run) by using the ChampionChip only. You can either use your own chip, rent (EUR 6,-) or buy (EUR 31,-) a chip with your registration. The chip must be worn on your shoe, otherwise timekeeping cannot be guaranteed.

Start List

The start list for the BIG 25 Berlin 2017 is available here.

Only enter your last name with a capital first letter as provided in your registration.

Event ticket

You will receive your event ticket with further information for the race and with your race number approximately 10 days before the event. You will need the event ticket for the race package pickup.