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3856 runners at the night race at the BER airport


3856 runners ran in the evening on the southern landing and runway of the capital's future Airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER). This was the eighth edition of the Airport Night Run, organized by BERLIN RUNS, an increase of almost 200 runners over the previous year. The path led past the terminal and to the passenger boarding bridges as well as the apron of the airport.

Main competition of the Airport Night Run is a half marathon. About the 21.0975-km distance afforded an exciting race where at the end of Daniel Naumann (ASICS Frontrunner / Hennig village) won in 1:15:22 hours brisk with just seven seconds ahead developed. Second was Dirk Kiwus (LG Nord), who had finished third a year ago, in 1:15:29. Third place then at a greater distance Marco Molina (SCC mole) with 1:19:45.

For women, Julia Child (SCC Berlin) ran to a comfortable victory in 1:26:29 hours. Here occupied Annette Müller (without a club / 1: 30: 07) and Alexandra Gabry (Berlin / 1: 30: 30) the second and third places.

By a large margin, the winner of the 10-km race through the airport came to the finish. Here won Bernd Romeikat (without a club) in 33:43 minutes ago Cornelius Theus (Tus Neukölln / 34: 24) and Benjamin scarf Anda (SCC Berlin / 35: 34). The fastest woman was once again the winner of last year Karsta Parsiegla (SCC Berlin) with 40:39 minutes. It was followed by Isabelle Stawczynski in 42:03 and Laura Gebauer (both without a club) with 42:48.

The next race of BERLIN RUNS are the BIG 25 Berlin with target in Berlin's Olympiastadion. In the 25-km race on May 4, a world-class field will be at the start. So already gave the two-time world marathon champion Abel Kirui (Kenya) start his promise.

The Airport Night Run was also the kick-off event for the BERLIN RUNS Cup. At this rating for amateur athletes include the BIG 25 Berlin. Also feature the ASICS Grand 10 on 12 October to BERLIN RUNS Cup.

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