Welcome to the 11th Securitas Airport Night Run across the new Berlin Brandenburg airport on 8th of April 2017!



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15 km skating men / women
10 km men / women
Half Marathon men / women
4 x 4 km relay men / women


8th of April 2017



Event-shirts can be ordered with your registration for an additional charge of 22.50 EUR. They will be handed out at the merchandise booth at race documents collection and event day upon presentation of the voucher on your race pack. Additionally, event-shirts will be on sale for 22.50 EUR (while stocks last).


After crossing the finishing line each participant receives their finisher medal. You may have your medal engraved with your name and time for a small fee of 8.00 EUR. This can be purchased with your registration or directly after the race.

Rental ChampionChips must be returned up until 2 hours after the race at the appropriately signposted stands, otherwise you may be deemed to have bought the chip and charged an additional 25.00 EUR to your account.

To avoid congestion, runners are requested not to return to the finishing area but to leave as quickly as possible into to the participants' area where you can enjoy refreshments (apples, water, alcoholic beer).

Please remember to collect your clothes bag from the collection point – this is possible up until 2 hours after the race. Please take care of all your personal belongings and valuables (including your ChampionChip).

How to reach the Airport Berlin-Brandenburg BER

The start will be at the Airport Berlin-Brandenburg BER at the new terminal. Please arrive in time at the start. Near to the starting area there are numerous parking places available.
Adress: Willy-Brandt-Platz, 12529 Schönefeld

By car: On motorway A113 take exit 8 direction Flughafen/Berlin Brandenburg/Waltersdorf. On the fork keep right, follow the signs to GAT Infotower/Baustelle BBI and along the Berliner Chaussee until you see the signs for the Airport Run.

S-Bahn: from direction Berlin Centre: S9 direction Flughafen Schönefeld until station Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, shuttle service to the start will be available.

Late registration

As long as race entries are available late registration is possible at our race documents collection or on event day up to one hour before the start for an additional charge:

Half Marathon 45,00 EUR
10 k 30,00 EUR
4 x4 km Staffel 65,00 EUR
15 km Skating 40.00 EUR

Medal Engraving

For a small fee (EUR 8.00) you can have your medal engraved with your name and result at the appropriately signposted stand. You can preorder the engraving when registering for the race or decide spontaneously on race day (only cash payments possible).

Medical Assistance

If you need medical assistance, please try to inform our qualified assistant staff at the start and refreshment points, if possible, or contact our volunteers along the course.


Golazo Sports GmbH on behalf of LAC Olympia 88 Berlin e.V.


Golazo Sports GmbH
Maxdorfer Steig 7
10713 Berlin


Phone: +49 (0)30 243 199 0


JetlineActionPhotoYou can find your race pictures from the Airport Night Run - shot by our partner Jetline Action Photo - approximately 1 week after the race here

Preferred bib number

For a charge of EUR 3.00, you can choose your preferred BIB number from the following ranges:

Half Marathon

1000 - 4999

10km Running/Walking

6000 - 8999

15 km Skating

12.000 - 13.999


You can find all details for the registration here.

Race documents collection


Karstadt Berlin, Am Neuen Kranzler Eck Sporthaus
Joachimsthaler Straße 5-6
10623 Berlin
Date: 7th April 2017
time from 1 pm to 8 pm


Race numbers will be issued only upon presentation of the event ticket to you or a third person.

Each participant will be given a clothes bag for safekeeping the personal clothes at the start-/finishing area. Event-shirts, ordered in advance, can be collected at the merchandise stand. While stocks last it will also be the possibility to buy event-shirts for 22.50 EUR.

Whilst collecting your race documents, there also will be the chance to register for the personalised engraving of your finisher medal (EUR 8.00 for adults).

Registration deadline

Online Registration: 5. April 2017
Paper Registration: 29. March 2017

Thereafter registration will still be possible at the race documents collection and on race day up until one hour before the race starts.

All participants registered until 2nd of April will receive a personalized BIB with the name and the starting block according to their predicted finish time. Runners registering after that will not receive a personalized BIB and will be allocated automatically to the last starting block.

Results and Certificates

Results and certificates are available approximately 2 hours after the event at our website


The 4 kilometer round of the 4x4 relay starts on the Willy-Brandt-Square, in front oft the new terminal. After a short distance on the south runway, it's going back to the take-off area of airport city.

The first runner will be allocated to the starting block according to the given target time of the team as shown on the BIB. In case the team did not register a time, the last starting block will be allocated automatically.

Passing item is an ankle band, that is to be worn on the foot. The band is to be passed to the next runner within the hand-over zones. The Championship is placed at the ankle band in order to determine the effective running time of the team,

After crossing the finish line, rented chips and ankle bands will be collected at the clothing storage.


Start time:

5.00 pm  15 km Skating
7.05 pm Half Marathon
7.30 pm 10 km & 4 x 4 km relay

Please arrive in time.

Time limits to complete the run:

Half Marathon & 4 x4 km relay   3h 15min
10k 1h 30min

Participants of the Half Marathon, who do not finish the first round after 95 minutes are asked to retire from the race.

The starting area is divided by fences into starting blocks B1 to B3. Entry is allowed earliest half an hour before the race starts. Zones are allocated according to the runners’ personal bests and  shown on the BIB. Race officials will control the entry to the zones. The BIB is not transferable and is to be worn clearly visible on the chest. It may not be altered in any way.

There will be toilets and tents to hand-in your clothes bags around the starting area. Your clothes bag should be marked with the label that is attached to your race number.

The organisers assume no liability for lost or damaged clothes or bags.


Timekeeping is obligatory for all distances by using the Real-Time-Championchip only. You can either use your own chip, rent (EUR 6,-) or buy (EUR 31,-) it with your registration. The chip must be worn on your shoes, otherwise the timekeeping cannot be guaranteed. Distribution of rented chips takes place along with the race documentation – these chips are to be returned behind the finishing-line up until 2 hours after the race at the appropriately signposted stands. Those who choose to keep their chips will be deem to have bought them and charged EUR 25,- by direct debit.

Runners using their own chips are asked to check if the correct chip number has been registered at the race documents collection.

Walker / Skater / Buggies

Please note that inlineskates are only allowed in the accoriong competition. Walking sticks, bicycles and buggies are not allowed on the course! Participants may be disqualified from the race if using any of the aforementioned items.